The psychedelic trance has a unique story that originates from hippie travelers of the late eighties who lived in the Indian Goa.

Since then, the psychedelic trance has developed into a thriving global counterculture with many followers gathering at parties to dance, enjoy life and travel the depths of their subconscious in the light of a bona fide technological future.

The festival will be held
September 13-15


Friday, September 13th

  • 9:00 Gathering
  • 10:00 Departure
  • 16:00 Arrival to Utes
  • 16:30 Check-in
  • 19:00 Dinner
  • 21:00 Party till morning

Saturday, September 14th

  • 10:00 Breakfast
  • 11:00 Beach party
  • 14:00 Lunch
  • 15:00 Beach party
  • 19:00 Dinner
  • 21:00 Party till morning

Sunday, September 15th

  • 10:00 Breakfast
  • 11:00 Beach party
  • 14:00 Lunch
  • 17:00 Departure

A more detailed schedule will be closer to the dates.
Stay updated!


How much does the ticket cost?

This year, a full ticket will cost 3000 KGS ($45).
It includes a Bishkek-Utes transfer and vice versa, 2 nights in a cottages house, three meals a day, music. Such tickets are bought in advance, their number is limited.

You can also buy an entrance ticket on the spot for 1000 KGS ($15): without housing, meals, transfer.

Where is the festival held?

On the southern coast of Issyk-Kul lake, in the practically abandoned soviet sanatorium "Utes".

                Very atmospheric and authentic, but do not expect 5 stars, maximum 0.5. You can watch videos from recent festivals ( times , two )

Where to get a ticket?

Tickets can be purchased at the Zusmanovich’s Chemodan art bar (instagram , telegram ).

I am not in Bishkek, how to get a ticket?

Contact us via telegram.

Where and when does the bus leave?

Buses will depart on Friday September 13th. Gathering at 9:00 at Frunze hypermarket at the intersection of Gorky and Shabdan-Batyr streets.

Can I eat without meat?

Yes, when buying a ticket, you can indicate your diet for a vegetarian or meat eater.

I do not want food / accommodation / road, do you have half-tickets?

We only have full tickets for 3000 KGS ($45), however, there is an opportunity to purchase a ticket at the entrance for 1000 KGS ($15), but in this case we do not provide transfer, meals and accommodation.

Is it possible to put up a tent?

Yes, there is such an opportunity. You can buy an entrance ticket to the party. A camping zone on sanatorium area will be organized.

Are there any shops, cafes, guest houses nearby?

Yes, nearby is the village Kaji-Sai and Bokombaevo is not so far, everything is in it.

Still have questions?

You can ask them on Facebook or Telegram.

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